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Specializing in Emergency Vehicle Lighting and Products for Professionals

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About Us
We are currently closed pending the takeover of new ownership.  We appreciate all the business which you have given us for the past 8 years.

We at 10-99 Products, LLC have over 20 years experience and strive to provide the best possible products, for the best possible price to professionals in the emergency services field.  We offer new and pre-owned equipment that best suits the needs of the department or individual.  Our goal is to provide your department with a personal service to make your shopping experience easier.


 Order Policy

We strive to keep several common new items in stock to help the instant needs of our buyers.  In the event that we have to order an item we offer, we first must have payment for the item(s) in full.  This includes retail and wholesale customers.  All of the manufactures we represent do not stock many items, so they are made to order.  Most will have a 4 week lead time, but may arrive sooner.  We are billed when the order is placed, and many times the order is non-cancelling.  If you have a deadline for an item, or need it quick, check with us first and we can check with the manufacture to get an estimated delivery date.  Only items in stock will be allowed to be net 30 days to Missouri departments and wholesale dealers.


Warranty Information

All new products sold at 10-99 Products are backed by factory warranties and should be returned to the factory for service, if needed.  Any used or demonstrator items are backed with remaining factory warranties, if any.  No other warranties are available.  All pre-owned and demonstrator items are pre-tested prior to shipment to ensure they are not DOA.  Any defects with pre-owned items will be presented to the buyer prior to purchase, if known.  All used items are sold as-is, where is.




Credit Policy

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express as well as PayPal.comR  PayPal.comR accepts most major credit cards.  10-99 Products does not offer any in-house credit with the exception of a pre-approved department with a purchase order number and tax exempt number from the State of Missouri, ONLY.  With the use of a purchase order number, our terms are net 30 days for Missouri departments, only.  Invoices not paid at the completion of 30 days will be assessed a 20% interest charge.


Shipping Policy

We do not ship outside of the United States.  We have several reasons for this.  Customs, unexpected tarriffs, stolen items from 

inside the package, lost packages and damage.  If you are from out of the United States, do not ask us to ship an item to you.  We 

appreciate your interest and want your business, but we will only ship to the CONUS.  We ship based on the cheapest rate available.  Most 

small packages will ship via US Postal Service Priority Mail.  We do charge a small fee on lightbars as they require a special box to ship.

Return Policy

In the event a buyer wants to return an item, it must be done within 7 days and a 20% re-stocking fee will be assessed and the buyer must pay shipping back to 10-99 Products.  If the item purchased was not as described or did not function as described and was an error of 10-99 Products, then the item must be returned within 7 days of receiving it and 100% refund will be sent to the buyer.  All used items are tested prior to purchase and if any defects are found, they will be noted to the buyer prior to purchase.  If any new item is in need of repair, the buyer should contact the manufacture for repair under the existing warranty.



All emergency vehicle products purchased from 10-99 Products/ are sole responsibility of the purchaser.  Missouri statutes require the purchaser to provide an affadavit to the seller prior to purchasing any emergency vehicle light stating that the light will be used exclusively for emergency vehicle purposes.

Any use/abuse of equipment or lighting sold by 10-99 Products/ will be the burden of the buyer/purchaser. 

All new items purchased will include what the manufacture includes with their packaging and covered under their warranty for defects.  Any used items purchased are pre-tested by 10-99 Products prior to shipping.  If there is an issue or defect with the product, we will note and advise the purchaser prior to shipping.

Installation and use of the product sold by 10-99 Products are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.  10-99 Products does not give 

installation instructions on any item unless it is included in the factory packaging.  Most manufactures have installation guides on their

websites for their products.  If they are not listed, their tech support will email you a copy.  Many times, a problem with a product is the result

of improper wiring or installation.


Installation Notes

New products will come with installation instructions and sometimes refer you to a professional for installation.  Proper installation according to the manufacture insures a valid warranty.  If you buy a pre-owned (used) item from 10-99 Products, LLC, it is your responsibility to insure it is install correctly and legally.  Since most of our used products do not come with an installation manual, it is your responsibility to check with the manufacture and secure a copy of the installation manual.  Most manuals can be found online, or contact the company tech support for a copy or guidance.  If you do not know what you are doing, consult someone who does, preferably the manufacture.  Improper installation can damage the product and cannot be returned.  All of the used items 10-99 Products, LLC sell are tested prior to shipping.  If anything noticable or defect is found, it is noted and approved by the buyer prior to shipping.  When we ship, we guarantee the item to not be DOA, unless otherwise noted.  If something is damaged in shipment, then an insurance claim must be filed with the shipper.

Remember, improper installation can damage the product and can also start a fire!

Missouri Blue Light Law



Missouri Emergency Vehicle Defined and Use of Lights

Contact us for a copy of the Missouri Attorney General Opinion dated April 21, 2014

regarding the use of lighting for volunteers in/on personal vehicles in Missouri

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